[LYRICS] Burna Boy - Level Up ft. Youssou N'Dour »

[LYRICS] Burna Boy - Level Up ft. Youssou N'Dour


Burna Boy ft. Youssou N'Dour – Level Up Lyrics

I remember when I couldn’t level up,
I was trying but I couldn’t level up it was rough you see
Start feeling like I had enough
Then I contemplate giving up
If you’re feeling like you cant level up omo make you no stop at all
Because right when you feel like you can’t level up
That’s when you have to shut the devil up
I remember when I couldn’t level up no my money couldn’t level up
Doing what I must seems like there’s always another level up 
That’s why you always found me looking up
But sometimes inna my life you know me affi rebel up
Might hear about my fights in the club
Everyday me try level up
So me striking them hard, me go hard until I get to God

Niafer Ko                                         
Djek Djekal ko                         
You can do it wo wo                     
Never Never Stop                   
Gueumeul sa bop way               

I remember when me couldn’t level up cause the Grammys had me feeling sick as  fuck
Throwing up and shit
Asking questions like why it wasn’t us
Almost had a nigga feeling envious (serious)
Tell em say them cant bury us
Tell em say them cant bury us
Cause the love make me stand up every time that me fall 
Come back standing twice as tall

I never thought that I could level up till I started filling all these venues up (now its regular)
All I wanted was weed in my rizzla
And some VVS to ice my Bezzle up (run it up)

Some of my guys might never see the sun
Some of them still peddle drugs (run along)
If you know that you ain’t never shown me love
And you like me better when me gun ah buss
(Boy I’m telling you)

I remember selling out my tours
I remember feeling legendary in Wembley arena
And you can never take the pride away from my mama
You’d be proud of me too if you knew where I was coming from
And to anybody wey dey doubt me
I swear to make sure you never forget about me
If you think it’s over then you must be drowsy
I’m a mother fucking legend and I say it proudly

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